The Tory plan for ‘Brexit’ is designed to keep Britain in the EU

'Brexit' Minister David Davis MP faced 'negotiations' with the EU dictators this week and sold-out immediately by agreeing to pay Brussels a "divorce settlement" for Brexit.  French dictator Michel Barnier wants to rape the British people of £88bn to ensure the EU does not collapse. It is not for the British to maintain a foreign... Continue Reading →

EU demand for ECJ to have supremacy over British courts must be rejected

Eurocrats have revealed their hand prior to the commencement of Brexit negotiations. In a leaked briefing document made available to Sky News, Brussels demands that EU citizens living in the UK will be subject to the supremacy of the European Court of Justice. In practice, this would mean the ECJ would have the right to... Continue Reading →

#StrongerOUT will focus on legal reform to restore #FreeSpeech in Britain

What is freedom of speech? What is a 'malicious communication'? This is the fundamental issue now facing everyone in Britain as the 'hate speech' tyranny escalates to wipe out freedom of expression or to shape it entirely in line with neo-Marxist ideology. Over 50,000 people have been arrested since Brexit and most of them have... Continue Reading →

The Great Repeal Bill is ‘The Great Lie’ to deceive Brexiteers 

#StrongerOUT leads the field in the escalating campaign to #RepealEULaw and create a new British Constitution during #Brexit but in our path stands 'The Great Lie' being spun by the Tory regime.  Quasi-Brexiteer David Davis openly gave the game away when he admitted in the Government's White Paper on transposition that CJEU precedents will continue... Continue Reading →

#StrongerOUT launches its manifesto to create a just society post-Brexit

EU: We will repeal all EU legislation from 1972 onwards. We are completely opposed to Theresa May's plan to transpose EU law into our law and we will replace EU law with new British Constitution. We will complete the Brexit process entirely until full political, economic and military independence from the EU has been secured by... Continue Reading →

#StrongerOUT campaign will expand and join forces with European allies to #RepealEULaw

With Article 50 imminent and the divorce process from the EU about to begin in earnest, it's now vitally essential for #StrongerOUT members to expand the campaign to a wider audience.  The imperative moment has arrived and we must be equal to the task to ensure the Government realises that we will not accept the... Continue Reading →

Lord Bird warns of impending “civil war” incited by Tony Blair and Remain fanatics 

Today Lord John Bird warned that Britain risks slipping into "civil war" because of Brexit and that few people realise the dangers of what is coming.  With bloodthirsty Tony Blair, who wanted to be EU President, doing everything in his power to incite and organise an "insurgency" by Remain fanatics, we have to take these... Continue Reading →

#StrongerOUT presents White Paper for a new British Constitution during Brexit

Proportional representation guaranteeing all political parties a place in Parliament based on the share of the vote to ensure all electors are represented according to their views at a General Election. The current system is an elective dictatorship of two parties and we intend to create a fairer political system.  The unelected House of Lords... Continue Reading →

Only way to end the Gagging Order tyranny is to #RepealEULaw 

What is it like to live under Gagging Orders? It's the modern equivalent of having your tongue cut out or being burned at the stake for suspected witchcraft. In essence, the Gagging Order victim is subjected to a vicious witchunt to ensure the truth is concealed.  The tyrants justify their tyranny by claiming the victim... Continue Reading →

Template letter for #StrongerOUT activists to contact MPs on #RepealEULaw

#StrongerOUT activists should use the following campaign letter to contact their local MPs. We strongly advise everyone to use the website to contact MPs. But of course if activists prefer to send letters or meet with MPs at their surgeries, that is also progress.  CAMPAIGN LETTER TEMPLATE  Dear.............,  I write to you on this occasion to... Continue Reading →

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